This glossary serves as an easy reference to many of the terms frequently used throughout this site.

DLC - Acronym: "Downloadable Content"

General Terms
Biotics - Special powers that allow the generation of protective barriers, levitation, or to tear enemies apart.
Cerberus - Terrorist organization that wishes to further humanity's dominance throughout the galaxy.
Citadel Council - An interstellar council of species, led by asari, salarians and turians.
Mass Relay - Technology that allows for instant interstellar travel between relays in different star systems.
Spectre - Elite Citadel-appointed soldiers ungoverned by law to preserve galactic stability.

Citadel - A massive space station located in deep space, headquarters for the Citadel Council.
Omega - An asteroid in the Terminus system, home to outlaws and terrorists from all species; ungoverned.
Palaven - The homeworld of the turian species, located in the Trebia system.
Thessia - The homeworld of the asari species, located in the Parnitha system.

Asari - Blue/purple skinned, long-lived mono-gender species known for their elegance and diplomacy.
Batarian - Four-eyed species known for their general involvement in slave rings and piracy.
Human - Newest race to the Citadel, humans are quickly spreading throughout the galaxy.
Krogan - Large, reptilian species known for their brutish warfare.
Reaper - Synthetic-organic beings determined to purge the galaxy of sentient, organic life.
Salarian - Short-lived, highly metabolic amphibious species, known for their scientific and non-linear thinking.
Turian - Raptor-like in appearance, known for their highly militaristic culture.